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The Afrikaans Tutor


The Afrikaans Tutor is an educational application which has been designed to assist scholars in the learning of Afrikaans as a second language.


The application is designed to accommodate the current educational systems being used in the South African schools.


These systems include the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) system as well as the Revised National Curriculum Statement. 


The Afrikaans Tutor is fully capable of being used in a formal school environment, at home, or in the Home School environment. 


The Afrikaans Tutor allows for the student to learn new vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation as well as sentence construction. 


The Afrikaans Tutor includes activities which create a fun environment for the student to learn in.

The Afrikaans Tutor uses multimedia and animations to assist and guide the student at all times. 


The Afrikaans Tutor encourages performance by including vocabulary and sentence construction tests. 


All test results are recorded for future reference and to allow for statistical analysis of the student's progress.  


The Afrikaans Tutor has achieved full approval from the Afrikaanse Taal en Kultuur Vereeninging and has been fully approved by the Educator's Board of ACE, South Africa.

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